Sunday, April 5, 2015

Canyon Creek of the Stilly

Got on the Canyon Creek of the Stilly again after not getting in my boat for over a month on anything challenging and got karamad hard by getting pushed into a wall and swimming down double drop. I also got to watch by boat run the last big rapid without me as friends chased my boat down...great! The hike was also wonderful!


March Update

Okay, I'll update this thing...

Changes or plans that happened in March

  • Moved into my buddies sweet house on Exit 38 above Bellingham
  • Got a second job at the Grange in Issaquah
  • Have been working too much and not kayaking enough
  • I have decided to focus on School in VA 
  • Got hired for kayak instruction on the Rappahannock river in Fredericksburg, VA
  • To get to VA from Seattle, Colin and I are going to drive across the country together. He will learn to kayak and I will try to get as much good classic stuff in as I can.
I'm optimistic of my plans to go to VA because it will allow me to focus 100% on school and right now that would be a good thing. I'm thinking of looking into Physical Therapist Assistant but am really up for whatever comes my way. There are almost too many colleges to chose from in the Fredericksburg area and a lot of them are Technical Colleges so we'll see what happens.

As of now I'm just trying to make enough money so that when I arrive in Fredricksburg I'm not completely broke and destitute. Working two job right now should get that job done pretty good so I'm not too worries about it right now.

Hopefully all works out!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Virginia Visit

Just got back from a great trip to Fredericksburg, VA to visit with my dad who is currently living there.
Within 30 minutes I was picked up and started driving into DC but instead of going directly into DC we made a stop by the Great Falls of the Patomic which is a pretty massive drop with lots of different channels to chose from.  Next time I come out If it's warm and I can grab a boat I would love to get out there and give this one a go. After that we drove through DC and after that we headed to Fredericksburg.
After a nice relaxing day we decided to head out to do some skiing at a resort called Massannutten. Within 20 minutes of arriving we were told that there had been a issue with the power station in town and that the resort had lost all power. We stuck around for a few hours hoping that the resort would get the power back but at 11am we gave up on the idea of skiing and decided that it was a good day to switch it up and check out Gettysburg.
I have read about Gettysburg for a long time so it was pretty cool to walk around where the battle took place and see how expansive the battle was and were the battlements were. I still don't understand why during the Civil wars (and many others) the tactic of choice was to march head on into the sights of your enemy and get mowed down 1 row at a time until there was no one left to fight. Weird tactics...
The following day we decided to head into DC to enjoy an enlightening visit to the Holocaust Museum followed by dinner with friends who have also moved from Garmisch to DC area. Good dinner and good conversation.
The next day we drove around Fredericksburg to see the various battlements. It was cool to see that the ditches the confederates dug to protect themselves was still visible alongside the road.

Overall an excellent trip and a great introduction to Civil War history...and it was nice to see my 3 favorite white boys, 2 dog and 1 human.


Monday, February 9, 2015

It seems the end is near...

After working at Alpental yesterday I found out that my hours are going to be cut because none of the other resorts are open and as a result a lot of the workers from those resorts are heading to Alpental to pick up hours. I'm ready to move on now to pick up other work elsewhere so hopefully I will here back from some of the places I've applied for so I can save up a little bit of money for summer fun. Here are some pictures from Alpental...looking pretty bare over there.

Kayaking is almost an option

Nice after work dip in the hot pool!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The past week

The last couple days have been packed full of work but in between the work I have been finding ways to enjoy myself.

I have been getting out on hikes around North Bend and bringing my camera out to get some cool shots so here are a few from those hikes up around Exit 38.
Moss on a branch 

Cool water on a rock

I even brought my camera up to the pass to take some shots of lift operations up there and here are two of those.
Top lift shack

Top lift shack with Jon working 

Nice fogged up window
So thats about it. Other than that I just experienced my worst day of work and possibly ever up on the rained nonstop for the whole day. By the time it ended all I wanted to do was go home, eat some food, and drink a beer or two so thats what I'm doing now. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Rainier Ski tour

Finally got out for a ski tour this year and it turned out to be a pretty fun day up on Rainier. We had perfect corn snow on this beautiful spring January day and got a few laps in on several different aspects. There was strong winds on some aspects but for the most part it was nothing but bliss.  On the way home we ran out of gas but it all worked out...GREAT BIRTHDAY!! Here are some pictures taken by one of the party members.

First skin up

Scott and I

Great turns

The Crew

Got that gas!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alpental Work

So work is finally kicking in up at Alpental which is pretty nice even though it's raining like crazy and the same 20 people keep lapping the runs but I'm happy to finally be getting some work in and hope it continues. The guys I'm working with are all pretty relaxed and it seems like Alpental gets treated a little different than the rest of the resorts at the pass which is good.  There are not as many supervisors coming by to check up on us and we are more or less able to go on ride breaks whenever time allows. I need to make a little lift operator gopro edit but I'm still getting use to the normal roles I will be doing at this job so it will come with time. As for now I'm just hoping the snow starts coming because to be honest, the base it already super shallow and rain will only hurt what we do have.
Nice view