Friday, March 14, 2014

Plans for spring!

My summer plans are in in the making and I'm actually getting pretty excited!! So here's the plan as I have it figured out now.

An absolutely horrible spring ski season (can't ski to the bottom of the mountain!) has turned my instructor hours into hours spent at the hotel getting ready for the Edelweiss employees move to three  separate wings of the hotel. We have moved 42 refrigerators and too many pieces of furniture for me to given a certain number but I can say that everyday I leave the only thing on my mind is drinking a beer, eating dinner and crashing.

My last day moving furniture at the Edelweiss is March 22 so that leaves my friend and I exactly two weeks to go on a little hitchhike trip around Europe. We are thinking that we want to go all the way to Portugal and back but only time will tell if that is a solid plan. I know I just need to be back in Garmisch by April 5th or 6th when my mom arrives from Portugal for her spring break My friend has a few friends in Italy and France that are cool with us staying with them so we might take advantage of that but other than that we have no set plans.

Once I get back to Garmisch on April 5th or 6th...maybe earlier. I should have enough time to pack up my bags, ship out some boxes and disguise my kayak like a surfboard for getting it on the plane. Visiting with friends will also be nice.

On April 9th I fly out to Seattle on a Delta flight which is kind of nerve-racking because I've done a lot of research on what airlines are good with bringing kayaks and it looks like Delta is one of the worst...they don't accept kayaks. It looks like all I can do is package it like a surfboard and really hope it gets on. I have purchased a kayak bag and I'm going out to grab a bunch of  plastic wrap from the commissary that they use to wrap pallets so hopefully that makes it hard to tell that it's a kayak and not a wind surf board! I'm hopeful but I really don't want to have to sell my kayak her and buy a kayak when I arrive in Washington.

I think all of this summer is possible and totally within grasp but I'll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds so here goes!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fasching Hut-Hut

Just like last season (and the one before that) hut to hut during fasching went great. This year I had some of my best turns of the year while dressed up like a ski kid along with Alex. Here are a few shots that people took during a great night!
Pete was our instructor 

Ski kids on a little hike for some freshies!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brooke and Brian Visiting

Just dropped Brooke and Brian off at the train station on there way back to Munich where they will both catch flight back to CO. They had a great trip despite the worst winter in Garmisch that I have ever seen so here's a little recap with pictures that I took and pictures that I have stolen from Brian.

The first tour we got on was a small one to the Stuiben hutte which is the best tour in the area to go on with a bunch of jet legged friends and it actually turned out to have some good snow in near the hutte. 
Pretty good turns in the shade!
After this we spent the night drinking beer at local restaurants around Garmisch and got a little practice in slap dancing in.
Great band!
A few days later we headed to Austria for what was thought to be at the time 4 days of ski touring around the Silvretta but which turned into a 2 hour skin to the Heidelberger hutte for 2 beers, dinner and breakfast before we made our way back down. We did make some turns on a slope above the hutte but to say we skinned over 400 meters would be a stretch. I made 10 turns, skied up to Brooke and Brian and said,"fuck this, lets go to Italy".
You can see the hutte to the right of the big rock down there
Two hours after skiing out of the Heidelberger hutte we made it to the car, packed everything in, and got on the autobahn Italy bound. About an hour and a half in to the drive we realized we had no idea how to get to the place we wanted to go so we sucked it up and bought a map (people used to use these before gps) 

After a few hours we started rising up a pass right outside of Bozen and almost immediately it started dumping hard. I hadn't see the amount of snow that was there in a long time. There where roofs with over a meter of snow sitting on top of them.
One broken front light later (guard rail) and with nerves fried we rolled into the parking lot of the tourist information and got hooked up with a room with breakfast and dinner for 40 Euros a night. Perfect! 

We crashed hard the first night and woke up the next morning not knowing exactly where we were but happy that we had made it to a place with snow. We wandered out of the hotel and made our way for the bus stop and actually got the chance to ski down between hotels to the road. Once at the bus stop the owner of our hotel, Maria drove down and dropped us off our bus passes that we had no idea we would need. It all worked out and before long we were ski touring up some random road that was supposed to be made for snowshoers heading in an uncertain direction with tons of snow. An hour later we stumbled into a little village with a few restaurants that in summer even had a bus stop. We were in shock...
Some village....
Bus stop is out of commission.

 We ate a little food sitting on the patio and soon after were skinning towards a small grouping of trees that looked like excellent tree skiing about 100 meters from the huts. After 45 minutes of skinning we finally ripped the skins and started skiing and the snow was excellent! It felt like around 3 feet of snow and it was very light. The only thing that could have been better was having a little bit more of ski for how much we were skinning but it was fun anyways and we ended up doing around 4 laps before calling it a day and heading out back to the hotel for dinner and card games.
Lots of snow...that was a car.
The following day we headed towards Passo Pordoi which turned out to be an excellent time and a place that I would love to spend more time in the future. There was excellent snow in the shadows and almost too many lines to chose from.
Passo Pordoi skiing
After skiing back down to the hotel from Passo Pordoi we got the car gassed up for the trip ahead of us and drove back to the hotel to eat some dinner. We got to sleep early and got on the road after a small breakfast cruising all the way to the base of the Rauth Hutte on the Hohe Munde for a small ski tour to a hut to enjoy some food before heading back to Garmisch.
Group shot next to the Rauth Hutte with a friendly dog
Once back in Garmisch the two got their stuff together and I shuttled to the train station the next morning in order to catch their flight at the Munich Airport.

Overall a good trip even though the snow at the start was less than ideal!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ski Season thus far....

As I sit in my bed after working my second 2 hour shift on a day that I should have worked all day I realize that if Garmisch and the surrounding areas don't get a ridiculous amount of snow very quickly the ski season will be over just as quickly as it has come. It doesn't help that is has been raining for the last two days with no signs of slowing down and as an insult to injuries the rivers hasn't gone up at all. I'm already starting to drift off and plan out my steps for coming back stateside at the end of April or as early March due to the low snow and low crowds that have been coming in lately. Looks like I might have to start getting more job applications in because it's looking like the move could be earlier than later...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

December Update

It is the first time in a long time that I have felt too sick to get out of bed so I might as well use this time away from work to update my stagnate blog. 

When I last wrote I was in Seattle visiting friends and family in November. The Reason for me being stateside whover was solely for the purpose of getting hired back in Germany for a ski instructing job with the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. Now I'm back in Germany and have just survived my first month of ski instructing and am actually really enjoying it. Some kids are easier than others but by the end of the day everyone is throwing up high fives and asking if they really have to stop skiing. If I finish the day with everyone happy and asking their parents of they can go "just one more time" I feel like I have done a good job.

New Years this year was just at rowdy as previous ones but this year stated with the first three fireworks almost taking out an entire gluewein stand in the center of Garmisch. A few people saw me holding the end of a bottle rocket pointed at the sky and gave it a go. The problem was the little knitted gloves they were wearing... the wooden stick got stuck on the gloves and ended up dropping the final bang that should be let loose 100 feet in the air right at the feet of 150 old people sipping gluewein. It wouldn't have seemed so intentional if it hadn't happened two times...well it was a good time anyways. After all the fireworks everyone ended up in Pub 33 enjoying the night with friends.

The next couple weeks look like more of the same (ski instructing) but I hope that the rivers around here will rise a little bit so I can get some kayaking in before I head back to the PNW for what I hope to be one rowdy summer. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving and back in Garmisch

I'm sitting at the airport heading back to Germany after a pretty fun two weeks visiting friends and family and even making some new friends.

After getting the basic stuff done for my new ski instructing job back in Germany I got out on the river. I found a boat on professor paddle, a Pacific North West whitewater group and after that met up with a guy that I had been told to meet up with from a friends in Switzerland. It turned out to be a great kayak on the Skykomish with pretty nice juicy flows.
I rolled once on boulder drop not knowing what to expect and dealing with an unfamiliar boat but all and all it was a great escape from bouncing between relatives and I can't wait to get back out kayaking in the PNW. Spring will be amazing!!

After that I headed out to Spokane to surprise my grandma and visit with my aunt and uncle whom I haven't seen in quite a few years. We had a big thanksgiving meal at my aunt and uncles house and watched some tv which was actually very relaxing.

The next day we drove back to Seattle and I got ready to fly and no I'm sitting in the airport.

Good times but I'm looking forward to winter in Garmisch and some fresh tracks...hopefully I can squeeze a hut trip in there too!!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brandenburger- The Kaiserklamm

The past weekend I finally got the chance to check out the Kaiserklamm on Brandenburger in Austria as well as every other section on that river. It turned out to be one of the best days of the years and some of my best paddling. I felt super good even though this river happens to be my first class V river so that felt awesome and with only one roll I can't complain! I got one picture from someone in the group that was on the walkway along the side of the canyon but unfortunetly no gopro because I had just sold it so I could buy the newest one. Oh well. Here is the picture as well as someone elses gopro! I'm almost not even visible in the furthest upperight corner. Enjoy,