Monday, July 21, 2014

Westside rally

Nick and I decided to take a break from the Cashmere life just as the 3 forest fires peaked around Leavenworth and the whole valley was raining ash. Our plan was to head over highway 2 and do the Skykomish followed by a fun day checking out Seattle. The run on the Sky went excellent with boulder drop being really fun at a lower level with almost too many eddies to catch. Good fun!
The day after the plan was to get out on the Sauk because it would be new for both of us but after doing some research it turned out hwy 2 had closed down because of the fires so the Sauk would add a lot of time to our drive so instead we headed back over I-90 and dropped into the Cooper for another lap on this classic creek. The top part went excellent but as we got closer to the bottom my run started to get a bit sloppy. I swam on s-turn on a shallow rock bed and soon after pitoned on the mankiest rapid on the river and hit my hip as hard as it's ever been hit. My immediate reaction was that I had broken a rib but on further inspection it was just a very large bruise. It was a fun trip but I could do without the swims and hard hits!! Here is a short video of random clips from the trip, enjoy!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Cooper River Kayaking

Finally got on the Cooper river just outside of Cle Elum for the weekend and got three runs in on this classic. The Cooper has been on my river radar  for quite sometime so it was nice to get a few runs in on one weekend with Nic, a new raft guide for blue sky that just got out here from Colorado. This run has just about everything that you want in a class 4+ river and it's in a nice gorged in setting with beautiful views in all directions. Here's the edit I put together from the run. I walked 2 rapids as it was both of our first time on the river so making an error was less of an option than with a bigger group. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Middle of June Update

I've now settled into living at the raft guide warehouse in Cashmere and guiding for the summer and thus far it has been excellent but here's a little recap of events...

  1. Finished raft guide training
  2. Quit job
  3. Got on Pashastin Creek
  4. Got on Lower Icicle Creek
  5. Went on Chiwawa river overnighter
  6. Got on Entiat and portaged 12 times in 2 days....sucked
  7. Got 2nd in Wenatchee River games raft surf competition with Henry
  8. Got on the Upper Upper Icicle for a nice easy scenic trip
  9. Playing kickball every Wednesday
  10. Got a free playboat and starting to actually enjoy play boating
  11. Life is good....

Van shuttle 

Colin came out for a quick visit

Upper Icicle 
Pashastin Creek

                                                              Upper Upper Icicle

Thursday, May 8, 2014

FITW- South Fork of the Snoqualmie

Just got back from a day on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie (Fall in the Wall) which as it turns out is a super fun run. The run is short (5 min) but packs in a lot of action in those 5 minutes. As you make your way in the direction of Alpental you just loop back and take a little forest service road directly under the I-90. The put is a little 30 second hike down through some trees and the take out is further down at the tail end of a clearing of trees with a small parking spot on the right. It seems that every three runs I make one will end interesting. On this section on my third run I got stuck between two sets of falls and had to get throw bagged out....good times anyways!! Here's a little edit of my second run on this nice section of water.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29th update

So a lot has happened...

I made my way to Seattle and landed safely on April 9th where my cousin picked me up at the airport drove me to my aunts and uncles house on Mercer Island. It was a great flight and landing except for a little hick-up in Seattle where I was K9ed up hard. I had all of my bags emptied out and drug searched hard. I obviously didn’t have anything but it was kind of nerve racking anyways.
Since arriving I have been hard at work accomplishing different tasks like getting a job, setting up bank accounts, getting a phone, getting my insurance going, getting a kayak, and most importantly finding people to kayak with in my new home so here's how it went.
 On the Sunday after I arrived my cousin Heather and I drove to Spokane to pick up Alley who had been visiting my aunt and uncle. I also got to visit with my Grandma, which was nice. It was a good visit and I got a few items for car camping that I need like a stove and some plates and utensils.
After arriving back on Mercer Island my cousin Allison and I made our way to Bainbridge Island to celebrate Brendan’s 21st birthday at a local restaurant on the island. It was a fun night that we finished by playing card games and eating cake back at the house.
After Brendan’s party Allison and I made our way up to Canada to a kayak shop in Abbottsford where I had picked out a Liquid Logic Stomper and paddle for an excellent price. I drove up to the shop and picked out the boat and paddle and drove straight to the slalom site on the Chilliwack. 
First run in the new boat
Quickly after arriving and suiting up I realized I had forgotten to buy airbags so we drove the 15 miles back into town and picked out some little kid beach volley balls that were and adequate substitute. On the trip back into town we also picked up some food, beer, and firewood for our night at the Chilliwack campground right on the river. After three laps on the slalom section walking the shuttle I decided to call it a night and we drive to a campsite. 
Campsite on the Chilliwack
We made some hot dogs and built a small fire quickly finding that we should have bought more firewood…next time! After spending the night at the campground we made our way back to the kayak shop, bought some airbags and head back to Seattle.

When I arrived at the house on Mercer Island I had a bunch of calls for job interviews so I called all of them and went to a few job interviews but came out empty handed.

Once I had a kayak on hand I continued to fill out job applications but now finally got on the water a few times on the Skykomish, Snoqualmie, Wenatchee, and the Green River 
with a nice gorge at the end of the run. 
Getting on the Wenatchee
I met a bunch of people of all different abilities and am still meeting people to kayak with. The kayaking community here is super large and from I hear the season doesn’t ever end so I’m happy to be here!

After a few more job interviews I found a job at a freight company in Kent that liked me and hired me so now I’m going into my first day of work tomorrow to get trained. The email I got when I got hired stated that I was getting hired as a Warehouse Associate but when they talked about training me it sounded like I’ll be getting trained on the cash machine so I’m not too happy about that but I’ll wait it out and see.

Green river
I also have the raft guide training coming up on April 12th to the 18th so if that goes well I should be getting a job over there and that would be a far better lifestyle than working in Kent and driving 20 miles to work everyday. Hopefully all goes well!

Forgot to mention the Robe kayak race that went down last weekend that was a blast.
One of my best shots!
 I was just going to just spectate from the hiking trail that goes alongside the old robe railroad but ended up get tossed a buddies camera and got a few good shots of some of the competitors coming off of a rapid called last sunshine. The sun was out in full force so it turned out to be a great day sitting along the river drinking beer and taking pictures.

So there it is, the first little bit of me landing and trying to survive in the US of A. Hopefully the next update is just as good as this one and hopefully my job is okay!

See ya next time,

Friday, March 14, 2014

Plans for spring!

My summer plans are in in the making and I'm actually getting pretty excited!! So here's the plan as I have it figured out now.

An absolutely horrible spring ski season (can't ski to the bottom of the mountain!) has turned my instructor hours into hours spent at the hotel getting ready for the Edelweiss employees move to three  separate wings of the hotel. We have moved 42 refrigerators and too many pieces of furniture for me to given a certain number but I can say that everyday I leave the only thing on my mind is drinking a beer, eating dinner and crashing.

My last day moving furniture at the Edelweiss is March 22 so that leaves my friend and I exactly two weeks to go on a little hitchhike trip around Europe. We are thinking that we want to go all the way to Portugal and back but only time will tell if that is a solid plan. I know I just need to be back in Garmisch by April 5th or 6th when my mom arrives from Portugal for her spring break My friend has a few friends in Italy and France that are cool with us staying with them so we might take advantage of that but other than that we have no set plans.

Once I get back to Garmisch on April 5th or 6th...maybe earlier. I should have enough time to pack up my bags, ship out some boxes and disguise my kayak like a surfboard for getting it on the plane. Visiting with friends will also be nice.

On April 9th I fly out to Seattle on a Delta flight which is kind of nerve-racking because I've done a lot of research on what airlines are good with bringing kayaks and it looks like Delta is one of the worst...they don't accept kayaks. It looks like all I can do is package it like a surfboard and really hope it gets on. I have purchased a kayak bag and I'm going out to grab a bunch of  plastic wrap from the commissary that they use to wrap pallets so hopefully that makes it hard to tell that it's a kayak and not a wind surf board! I'm hopeful but I really don't want to have to sell my kayak her and buy a kayak when I arrive in Washington.

I think all of this summer is possible and totally within grasp but I'll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds so here goes!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fasching Hut-Hut

Just like last season (and the one before that) hut to hut during fasching went great. This year I had some of my best turns of the year while dressed up like a ski kid along with Alex. Here are a few shots that people took during a great night!
Pete was our instructor 

Ski kids on a little hike for some freshies!